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One Minecraft Fan Recreated The Destiny 2 Last Wish Raid

Minecraft is home to a wide range of recreations inspired by other games, including this deadly version of Tetris. There's no end to the creativity that goes into the best Minecraft builds and it's also a breeding ground for imagination and love letters to people's other games of choice. One player is looking for something a bit more modern - Destiny 2 is getting the blocky treatment.

Destiny 2 raids are brutally difficult levels that are designed to be played by a group and often involve bizarre mechanics and nasty boss encounters. Clan Entropy has recreated Last Wish in Minecraft. It's not the actual raid, but it is one of the most difficult in the series' history.

The YouTuber, posting on Reddit confirms that the recreation they created includes the entire playable area of raid built to a 1:1 scale. GAMES created it on their own and began work in November 2021. They've been working on it for six months.

The video itself is full of interesting details too. It took 520,000 blocks to make, and 146hrs to complete. The raid took 107 hours as reference material. We'd be thrilled to see a free download of the game in the near future and especially since you could mod guns into Minecraft in the future, so it could be the first spark to playable Destiny 2 in Minecraft.

If you're feeling inspired by this whole experience, we have some great ideas for your next Minecraft home. You may be here because you're playing Destiny 2. In that case, we have the release date for season 17 and a look at all the goodies for the next update.



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